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Now, every time you purchase a flight with your Premier Points, it will be easier and you will get more value for your Points. You will be able to see the following changes when searching and purchasing your Award Ticket*:

1. Adjustments on the requirements of Premier Points and reduction in cash payments in order to offer you more value:

Click here to learn about the new Premier Points redemption table.

2. A better experience at when searching and purchasing Award Tickets with Aeromexico and SkyTeam:

  • More flights options in one single view
  • Know the total cost that you will have to pay for your flights in Premier Points/cash from the time you begin your search
  • A greater visibility of the Terms and Conditions of the flights that you choose, shown in a more simplified manner
  • You´ll be able to purchase your travel supplements (seats and luggage) and decide whether you wish to pay in cash or with your Points
  • Choose your seat with the benefits that your Club Premier Level provides you
  • A more intuitive and friendly browsing experience that adapts to any device

The best equivalences to fly more with your Premier Points on round trip departing from Mexico in low and high seasons.

Coach Class Premier Class
Route Low Seasson High Seasson Low Seasson High Seasson
Asia 124,000 144,000 240,000 280,000
Canada 56,000 60,000 104,000 112,000
Central America 56,000 64,000 106,000 120,000
United States 56,000 60,000 104,000 112,000
Europe 104,000 108,000 190,000 200,000
Border 28,000 32,000 56,000 64,000
Local 28,000 32,000 56,000 64,000
Beach 28,000 32,000 56,000 64,000
North Southamerica 64,000 72,000 112,000 128,000
South Southamerica 90,000 104,000 150,000 170,000

These equivalences do not apply for Always Flight Award Ticket.

* Flight ticket purchased with Premier Points in coach S o Z

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