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september 11, 2018   
Know the updates for the Class Upgrades.

april 01, 2018   
Each traveler is unique.

december 19, 2017   
We want you to fly more with your Premier Points.

june 22, 2015   
New Flight Award Ticket.

march 10, 2015   
Club Premier strengthens its value proposition rewarding its Partners on every cross-border trip..

january 27, 2015   
Changes in the percentage of accumulation of Premier Kilometers..

october 15, 2013   
Club Premier extends benefits to its members..

october 14, 2013   
Club Premier and Gasmart get together to offer great benefits..

september 05, 2013   
Club Premier and La Europea get together to offer great benefits.

july 08, 2013   
Welcome to Alaska Airlines.

june 13, 2013   
Aeromexico Club Premier is Perpetuated.

june 12, 2013   
Club Premier opens a store in Santa Fe.

january 16, 2013   
The following properties of NH Hoteles will no longer be eligible for the Club Premier program.

december 17, 2012   
Grupo Aeroméxico and AIMIA announce closing of the adquisition.

november 01, 2012   
Barceló Hotels cease to participate in the Club Premier Program.

october 29, 2012   
Grupo Aeromexico and AIMIA announce agreement..

september 18, 2012   
Club Premier offers new options to earn premier kilometers and new options to use them.

may 01, 2012   
Policy change for flight award reservations and bookings at Call Center..

september 28, 2011 
China Airlines en la Alianza SkyTeamChina Airlines officially joined the global SkyTeam™ airline alliance on September 28th, 2011, when the China Airlines and Aeroméxico frequent flyer program cooperation agreement went into effect..

july 18, 2011   
Premier Kilometer transfers to the Fiesta Rewards program was cancelled on July 18th, 2011..

june 10, 2010   
Vietnam Airlines serves more than 20 destinations within Vietnam and over 40 international destinations from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Europe, Asia and Australia..

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