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Club Premier strengthens its value proposition rewarding its Partners on every cross-border trip

Club Premier strengthens its value proposition rewarding its Partners on every cross-border trip
Club Premier Members can now participate in the Thanks Again card services program to earn Premier Kilometers shopping at selected airports in the United States and Mexico.
Mexico City, March 2015.- The leading rewards program in Mexico, announces a new partnership with Thanks Again®, the only coalition loyalty program for airports, offering its members the immediate opportunity to earn Premier Kilometers (KmP) shopping, dining or traveling across 170 airports in North America. Soon, Club Premier Members enrolled in Thanks Again, will be able to earn KmP at participating airports throughout Mexico.
"In Premier Club we are always looking for new and unique experiences for our valued Members to earn Premier Kilometers and now, they can earn them on their cross-border trips We want to make the most of the loyalty technological platform of Thanks Again and provide our Members unprecedented opportunities to earn Premier Kilometers while shopping throughout Mexico," said Monserrat Figueroa, Senior Retail Manager of Club Premier. "Our new partnership with Thanks Again provides just that. Now"
Club Premier Members can enroll free, comfortably and secure on and earn 1 additional KmP for every dollar spent at participating airports and companies in the entire network of rewards of Thanks Again. 
In addition, there are two other ways for Club Premier Members to accrue KmP through Thanks Again:
  1. A 500 KmP bonus upon enrollment to Thanks Again.
  2. A 5,000 KmP bonus KmP when spending at least USD $1,000 in the Network of Thanks Again each calendar quarter.
"Thanks Again is honored to partner with Club Premier, Mexico's most recognized loyalty program," said Marc Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO of Thanks Again. Thanks Again director for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), Ericka Iturriaga said "Thanks Again offers Club Premier Members a unique  advantage to earn Premier Kilometers when traveling around the United States and Canada, and soon also when shopping at thousands of participating stores in Mexico and throughout the LAC region."

About Premier Loyalty & Marketing (PLM)
Premier Loyalty & Marketing was founded in 2010 to operate the coalition loyalty program Club Premier.  Shareholders of Premier Loyalty & Marketing include Grupo Aeromexico and AIMIA, a global leader in loyalty. Club Premier is the most renowned coalition loyalty program of Mexico. It has over 3.5 million members and 90 companies affiliated to the program, allowing members to earn Premier Kilometers at more locations.  Members can use their Premier Kilometers to travel to more than 900 destinations worldwide, pay for stays at more than 50,000 hotels, and purchase more than 100,000 items ranging from electronics to jewelry, as well as access to unique experiences participating in Auctions, Games and Raffles.
About Thanks Again
Thanks Again is the world's first and only airport loyalty coalition enabling member passengers to securely enroll credit and debit cards they already possess and seamlessly earn highly sought-after rewards when purchasing goods/services while traveling or in their local communities. The Thanks Again Rewarding Merchant NetworkSM now spans 150 North American Airports and includes thousands of Neighborhood Businesses. One third of these airports are Thanks Again turnkey loyalty and engagement clients. Thanks Again membership and merchant presence are rapidly growing and will encompass at least two dozen countries. This significant global expansion is fueled by card linked services partnerships with the three leading international payment card networks including MasterCard. Thanks Again is well positioned to deliver enhanced value to other Travel & Transportation sectors and fragmented verticals.

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