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We want you to fly more with your Premier Points

At Club Premier we want you to live the best experiences. Now, every time you purchase a flight with your Premier Points, it will be easier and you will get more value for your Points. Starting on January 3rd, 2018 you will be able to see the following changes when searching and purchasing your Award Ticket*:

1.- Our aim is for you to fly more often, that’s why we’ve made adjustments to the Premier Points required and a decrease on your cash payments. Here are some examples of the most requested destinations:

Comparative example of the cost of an Award Ticket round trip in economy class, during off-season redeemed on

Click here to view the new Premier Points redemption chart, as well as the new charges per service.

2.- A better experience at when searching and purchasing Award Tickets with Aeromexico and SkyTeam:

  • More flights options in one single view.
  • Visibility of the total cost that you will have to pay for your flights in Premier Points/cash from the time you begin your search.
  • Better and simpler visibility of the Terms and Conditions of the flights you choose.
  • You will be able to purchase your travel supplements (seats and luggage) and decide whether you wish to pay in cash or with Points.
  • Choose your seat with the benefits that your Club Premier Level provides you.
  • A more intuitive and friendly browsing experience that adapts to any device.

At Club Premier we’re excited for you to live memorable experiences. We’re here to serve you at [email protected] or through our Call Center at (52 55) 1519 4040.

The Club Premier Team

*Flight ticket purchased with Premier Points in coach S o Z
1Amounts appear in US dollars. Taxes may vary depending on the airport. Subject to changes without prior notice.
2 Some items that may be paid in Mexican pesos appear in US dollars, in order to simplify the comparison. This calculation is considering the exchange rate as follows: $1 USD = $19MXP. All changes will be made in Mexican pesos, considering the prevailing exchange rate at the time of your purchase.

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