Earn Premier Points with Thanks Again

Thanks Again® is the only rewards program that gives you Premier Points each time you pay with any registered credit and/or debit card at 100 airports and thousands of surrounding Thanks Again participating merchants.

Sign up today!

It's fast, easy and secure.

1. Visit
a and click on Join

2. Choose
Club Premier as your rewards program and enter your details

3. Register
your credit or debit card*

*Applies to all American Express® Visa and MasterCard cards.

Earn 1 Premier Points per USD every time you use your registered credit or debit card at the various participating Thanks Again merchants.

If you're not a Club Premier member, join here.

when registering your branded Visa Club Premier Aeromexico cards you earn additional Premier Points whenever you use them::

Do you already have

a Thanks Again account?

Keep on earning! Just choose Club Premier as your rewards program and earn 1 Premier Point for every dollar spent at any of Thanks Again’s merchants whenever you use your registered cards.

Program partners

to earn Premier Points with Thanks Again

Earn Premier Points shopping and dining at Thanks Again’s participating merchants in the United States. Click here to see participating merchants.

For every dollar spent you earn 1 Premier Point.


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