Ojos que sienten (Eyes that feel)

Ojos que Sienten is a non-profit organization with the mission of shifting paradigms about visual impairment by focusing on the ability of disability.

They currently have an innovative model to train and develop the potential of those with visual and other impairments to attain their inclusion and create job opportunities.

The institution's causes

Cause 1: + Employment

At high-impact events and sensory experiences, they generate temporary employment for the blind and visually challenged and raise awareness among hundreds of people.

Cenas en la Oscuridad®

Imagine a unique experience where you taste a delicious dinner in total darkness. Your senses are awakened and you start a different, unforgettable culinary journey. OQS pioneered this experience in the country and they have held more than 160 events in Mexico and abroad in England, Portugal and Panama.

Cause 2: + Training

They offer free training to persons with visual and other disabilities who seek new opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. Today, technology is an essential tool for everyone. With your help, they can acquire more tools like computers, cameras and training.

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