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Save The Children

Address: Av. Francisco Sosa No. 30.
Colonia Villa Coyoacán Coyoacan, Mexico City. ZIP Code 04000
National office phone numbers: +52 (55) 5554 3499, +52 (55) 5554 3498, +52 (55) 5554 3687, +52 (55) 5554 3496

Save the Children in Mexico

In Mexico and around the world, we work every day to provide boys and girls with a good start in life, as well as to provide the opportunity to learn and to be protected against violence or any other type of danger.

In 2016 we managed to benefit more than 398,000 girls, boys and teenagers in Mexico. In order to achieve lasting and sustainable changes, it is necessary to push the government in order to formulate laws, public policies, programs and budgets to ethically promote and respect children´s rights, particularly for those that are most excluded.

Mission: To promote significant progress in the way that the world treats girls and boys, in order to generate immediate and long-term changes in their lives.

Vision: A world where each girl and each boy can exercise their right for survival, protection, development and participation.



Every year around 150,000 agricultural laborers arrive to Sinaloa, most of them with their families, coming from the southern states of the country. Poverty, malnutrition, limited access to education, gender-based violence and lack of access to services are some of the problems that they face.

Save the Children implements different actions in order to eradicate child labor in the agricultural fields, besides improving their living conditions, through actions that support educational processes, protection against violence, health and nutrition assistance.

Improving the life conditions for the agricultural families and to make sure that the fields are free from girls, boys and teenagers is an effort that we cannot carry out on our own – with your help, we can change this situation.



We have developed different actions in communities of origin, transit and destination, in order to strengthen the protection mechanisms in the light of the phenomenon of migrating girls, boys and teenagers.

In the areas of origin, we have involved the communities in the improvement of the conditions related to education, health, protection and livelihood, as well as the use of the local resources for the well-being of children.

In communities of transit and origin, we have educated the personnel that attends the children with abilities and knowledge that promote the prevention against exploitation, abuse and negligence. In border areas, we educate the personnel with abilities for the emotional attention of the girls and boys that are migrating.

The migration not accompanied by girls, boys and teenagers positions them in a situation of vulnerability that has a negative impact in their development as agents of change – with your help, we can change this situation.